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Do you ever feel alone and not sure which way to turn? Has your heart ever broken in two as your world crumbled around you? Have you wondered if you will ever heal, hope, or smile again?

Me too, friend. But there is hope…


“My Yellow Brick Road has led me through deep valleys of loneliness, betrayal, incredible heart ache, divorce, illness, and searching. I have also encountered the glorious paths of motherhood, friendship, rapture, butterflies – oh the butterflies, promise, hope, healing, new beginnings, and a love that I had never known possible. I would love to share with you how it came to exist in my very own not-so fairy tale, but to get there we need to start at the very beginning – I hear that it’s a very good place to start!” Chapter One of Our Story

twirlI enjoy sharing more of Our Story in chapters here in this blog. In it I tell of discovering betrayal and infidelity in my first marriage, and how I battled the storm that followed. I shared my Letter to the Other Woman, how I tried to restore my marriage, and when I knew that it was time to let go. I have also recounted my journey through being a single mom to three little boys, and how my heart healed after all of the pain. Eventually a wonderful man entered my life, and we became a blended family.

We have had our shares of joys and trials, deployments and long seasons apart, and even an unexpected battle with cancer. I began this blog in August 2013 to reach out to others. I wanted to let you know that no matter what nightmare comes your way, or wherever your journey leads, you are not alone. I promise.


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Our three balls of energy keep me pretty busy. Never a dull moment around these parts! Our days are filled with homeschooling, light sabers, bike rides, reading adventure books, and Lego creations. The boys parkour their way their way through the house and our hearts. I love having a house of boys!

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When I’m not busy with kiddos, I love spending quality time with my Beloved, reading all manner of books, chatting with a friend over a cup of tea, treasure hunting for bargains, and pouring my heart and soul into writing. I don’t find watching marathons of Downton Abbey or Arrested Development objectionable either! We also have lovable two Border Collies, Romeo & Bella, that keep us running, throwing tennis balls, and cleaning up dog hair.



I try to post two or three times a week to this blog. It is my hope that you will feel encouraged and inspired when you come to visit my little corner of the world. I want to share from my heart and help share the hearts of the lovely women who are contributing their stories to the In Her Shoes guest post series. I am so encouraged when I read the stories of what it is like to be in another girl’s shoes. The world isn’t so scary when we know that we’re all in this together.

I would love to stay in touch! If you would like to receive my blog posts via email, please enter your email address and hit “subscribe” on the right side of the screen. I’m also on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and I recently joined the Twitter world.  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for stopping by to visit today! Every time you visit, “like,” subscribe, comment, and share means the world to me!



*Photo credit – #2 is courtesy of John Zimmerman, and #3-6 are courtesy of NZ Portraits by Joanne.