Mama said there’d be days like this…

And the day was going so well…


I’m wondering if you would mind helping me with something today?


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Written by ginger


  • kathykate says:

    Great vlog post — you’re a pro! My advice: GO OUTSIDE. whenever life is overwhelming, I’d take my kids outside, thru rain, sleet, sun and snow. Moonlight walks or saving worms after the rain, doesn’t matter. Lift the roof off the chaos, but going outside. Have a wonderful day — and even bad days/moments have value. They make the good ones all worth the while. Peace!

  • Oh my gosh – it seems like one of my two kids is always having one of those days. Sometimes nap or something to get them to zone out for a while works – a movie or tv show. Good luck!

  • Oh noooooooo. Not the dreaded missed-a-word-on-the-spelling-list day. Yikes. I well remember those! I am sorry. Am racking my brain as to how I dealt with it. Think the best thing was to get outside. By myself! Yes, I’d look at my lost-it-beyond-lost-it child and say “Mommy loves you but she cannot be with you right now. She is going to go outside (invariably it was pouring) and sit on the stairs. You are welcome to join me.” I’d sit out there and listen to the screams and the pounding on the backdoor and smile. Because I knew a) I was removed – if only for a second or two – from the horrible child and b)that door would soon open and mr/ms temper tantrum would come stomping out and join me. We’d hug, and just sit.
    Somehow it worked.

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