How This Guy Stopped Me in My Tracks…

Quinn - Embrace the Weird



“Know what, Mommy? I like being Quinn.”

I’m so glad you like your name, Honey! I think it suits you.

“No, Mommy. I like being ME. I like Star Wars and my brothers and doggies and my friends and I’m good at math.”


Just like that. Not a pompous air about him. Just a little boy who likes being Quinn.


Of course he should like himself – he’s a cool little guy! He loves jokes, always has a goofy grin on his face, is meticulous with his things, has an incredible memory, and he’s such a good little helper.


And he had a killer mohawk when he was just a punk baby. What’s not to like?


Baby Quinn


The wheels in my mind began to turn, and I couldn’t help but wonder… Could I say the same thing about myself? Could I actually say those very words out loud about me?


Are you like me? I get embarrassed when someone gives me a compliment. Instead of just saying a simple, “Thank you,” I brush it off and turn it into a put-down about myself. I used to think that I was being humble by deflecting the kind and encouraging comments of others. It wasn’t right to find things that I actually liked about myself… But my little guy has once again opened my eyes and is helping me to change the mindset that I’ve had all my life – nearly 34 years – of never feeling good enough.


Baby Ginger1 (Small)



Y’all know how I’ve been working on taking a little more time for myself – but all of the nail polish, tea, and healthy breakfasts in the world are for naught if I don’t actually VALUE the life that I have been given – to be GINGER. Crooked smile and all.


Joanne Funk Photography picture of Ginger


I can’t be the only one who feels this way, and it would mean the world to me if you would join me! I’m going to start down this road of not just becoming okay with who I am, but actually liking me. I heard a wonderful message on Sunday similar to ones that I’ve sat through before – but this time I really heard it. I am not a mistake. I am Someone’s masterpiece, and He wouldn’t change anything about me. I have a feeling that this project will stretch me in ways that I’ve never had to grow before, but it’s kind of exciting, too!


So here’s my challenge to us for today: Let’s find ONE thing – (baby steps, friends!) – that we like about ourselves. It can be the color of your eyes, or the way you save your family money, or the fact that you can let loose and dance in the kitchen when no one is watching. What is ONE thing that you like about yourself? If you have trouble coming up with something – ask a friend what they like about you! I bet they can think of something. (I might have to do that one myself!)


When you have that ONE thing, write it down. On paper. With a pen so you can’t erase it. *wink* And then drop me a line in the comments and let me know what is the thing you discovered about yourself today? I’ll share mine with you, too!


Let’s be there for each other!


~ G

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