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Happy Monday, Friends! How was your week? Did it fly by like mine did? I’m not sure where the weekend went, but it’s a brand-spankin’ new week and I’m ready to take it on… after I have one more cup of Earl Grey tea. *wink*


Last week I set a goal for myself to do at least ONE little thing for myself every day… just because. I shared my goals a few days late last week, but I was able to find just a few minutes here and there to do one little thing that made me smile. Best of all – they were free!


Wednesday: I turned on Pandora to enjoy one of my favorite stations (Glenn Miller’s In the Mood) while getting the house ready for our Home Team to come over that night. Cleaning is much more fun when you have swing music to help lighten the mood! What kind of music do you like to listen to while you clean?


Thursday: I shared this on Facebook and Instagram – “Know who aren’t getting much-anticipated root beer floats this afternoon? Three grumpy boys who shall remain nameless. Know who IS getting a much-deserved root beer float instead? ME! A mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do! *wink*”

Root beer float


Friday: Curled up with one of my favorite writing books, Bird by Bird, before bed. I’ve been savoring its words for a few minutes each night ever since.

Books that Stick ~ Bird by Bird


Saturday: I wrote a story out about my boys that is very close to my heart to share with you this week!

A Mommy's Love - To Infinity... and Beyond


Sunday: I woke up with a hankerin’ to wear animal print. I remembered a retro-ish leopard print swing jacket that I hadn’t worn in a long time – and it became the basis for what I wore to church that morning! I don’t know why, but it made me smile, and it felt good to step a little bit out of my comfort zone!


Last Week’s Goals ~


  • ~ Drink 60 oz. of water each day, and coconut water once or twice this week. I missed my goal one day this week with regular water, and only drank coconut water once this week – but I feel like I’m getting better overall! 
  • ~ Eat a healthy breakfast (or brunch) each morning. Yep!
  • ~ Take multivitamins each morning. I’m pretty sure I forgot these on Saturday, but I remembered the rest of the week.
  • ~ Put on real clothes during the week, and post pictures to The Pleated Poppy’s What I Wore link-upI wore my Jayhawk sweats on Saturday during the basketball game, but otherwise I stayed out of my shlumpy clothes! 

comfy outfit

  • ~ Work out for at least 10 minutes five times this weekCheck! And I have the sore abs from Pilates to prove it!
  • ~ Remove my old polish and apply new polish to my toes. Would you believe that I still haven’t tackled this? I went to dig out my favorite winter polish and found that the lid was sealed tight. I guess I need to work on that so my toes can be a pretty peacock blue color this week!
  • ~ Memorize. Work on James 1:1-4 with a group of friends.
  • ~ Do at least ONE thing for myself every day… just because.
  • ~ Tackle that one project I’ve been dreading. I’ve started on it, but it isn’t finished. That will happen this week.
  • ~ Go easy on myself and my injured handThe swelling has gone down quite a bit, but I still can’t fit my wedding ring over my knuckle. My dad, the x-ray man, says I probably tore a ligament in it and have an evulsion fracture – and that I just need to be careful with it as it heals. It throbs when it gets bumped, but otherwise is  getting better – slowly, but surely!


This Week’s Goals ~


  • ~ Continue to drink 60 oz. of water each day, along with coconut water once or twice this week.
  • ~ Work out 5 times this week for at least 10 minutes each day.
  • ~ Remove my old polish and apply new polish to my toes.
  • ~ Memorize. Keep working on James 1:1-4 with my group of friends.
  • ~ Spend some time outside enjoying the gorgeous (unJanuary-like) weather we’re expecting this week!
  • ~ Continue tackling that one project I’ve been putting off.
  • ~ Take multivitamins each morning.
  • ~ Put on real clothes during the week and stay away from my shlumpy sweats or workout clothes unless I’m actually working out.
  • ~ Do at least ONE little thing for myself each day… just because!
  • ~ Continue to read Love & Respect with my Beloved.


What About You? ~


I’ll keep sharing even more of my progress on Facebook and Instagram this week, and I’d love it if you joined me. It would be way more fun with you! Let’s find a second to actually take a minute, SIT DOWN today, and just breathe. Let’s put our health, our hearts, and our heads back on the to-do list – and let’s start taking better care of ourselves today!


~ Ginger

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