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Happy Monday to you! And Happy New Year!

I love looking at the new calendar and wondering what hope and possibility lies in the coming months. Everything feels fresh and new, doesn’t it?

I didn’t ace my goals for last month – and even though I thought I was doing an okay job of self-care, my Beloved let me see that I need to take more time for myself. I’m just like you – I spend my days running around and taking care of everyone around me. Sure, I found little ways to start caring for myself last year – and after a lifetime of neglecting to put health, heart, and mind on the to-do list, these baby steps were pretty huge for me – but I’d like to take it a little further.

I suspect that many of us go about our day running from one project to another, from one loved one to the next, without actually sitting down to take a deep breath. We want to be there for our family and friends. We need to be there for them. But we can’t keep running ourselves into the ground.

That’s why I gave this little series a slight change-up. And who doesn’t love a makeover? Let’s call it our place to – Take a Little Time for You! Let’s set out to find a few more ways we can take a little time for ourselves – so we can be the very best us that we can be!


Last Month’s Goals ~

  • Keep hydrated with water and coconut water!  Ladies, let me tell you – there’s nothing like drinking coconut water right out of the coconut! Just wish they would grow here in Kansas!

Hawaii 1

  • ~ Unplug, relax, and enjoy our long-awaited honeymoon in HAWAII!!!Nothing will help you “unplug” more than having a wave come up and ruin your phone. I used my Beloved’s phone to snap pictures for the rest of our trip. He called the death of my phone a minor inconvenience. I called it an national emergency. To-MAY-to – To-MAH-to.  In all honesty, not being “plugged” actually grew to be pretty nice over the rest of the trip. My phone was fixed, we had the most wonderful time, and now I’m not in a rush to be quite that plugged in back home. 

Hawaii 9

  • ~ Get dressed in real clothes, and not stay in my comfy sweats. So, I wasn’t so great at this in December. Once we got back home, I traded in my shorts and flip-flops for sweats and fuzzy socks. Yeah, I know… I know I’ll be better this month – my Christmas boots are calling my name. No more sweats for me! Well – maybe not quite as often. *wink* 

New Boots

  • ~ Get my heart pumping at least 4 days each week with exercise. My Beloved and I went hiking a few times in Hawaii – and I found that I loved it! Unfortunately there aren’t many volcanoes to hike around in the Midwest! I got back into working out after Christmas. Oww! 

Hawaii 4

  • ~ Do at least one thing every day just for me – play the piano, listen to a podcast, take a walk, call a friend, etc.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast/brunch each morning.
  • Take better care of my nails and rough feet – the purple pumice sponge is coming back out!
  • ~  Get up early most mornings to enjoy quiet alone time before the busy day begins. I’ve been enjoying sleeping in over the Christmas break – but that ended this morning when we slipped back into our normal routine. It sure was fun while it lasted – but there’s something invigorating and welcoming about getting back into a regular schedule! The Best Yes was recommended to me by several friends – and it was the perfect book to read during my morning quiet times. 

The Best Yes



  • Curl up in bed or on the Story Chair with a book by 10pm most nights.

On the Story Chair

  • ~  Do something special with each of our boys individually. This will be a busy month, but I’d like to have individual time with themI was going to take one out to Game Stop to him spend his Christmas money – but somehow all three came along. I shared on Facebook how this is the mom equivalent of Dante’s 7th Ring, and y’all let me know that I’m not alone! 

Boys at Game Stop

Aiden and I spend some alone time by playing Battleship and watching Duck Dynasty at 4 o’clock in the morning while we got him ready for his sleep deprived EEG later in the day. 

Come to think of it, most of my alone time with all three of our boys revolved around playing Battleship. That’s life being just one of the boys!

Aiden at midnight


New Goals ~

  • ~  Keep hydrated with water and coconut water.
  • ~  Eat a healthy breakfast/brunch each morning.
  • ~  Get my heart pumping at least 3 days each week with exercise.
  • ~  Get dressed in REAL CLOTHES and not stay in my comfy sweats.
  • ~  Do TWO things every day just for me – (listen to a podcast, read a book, play the piano)
  • ~  Make an appointment to see my counselor.
  • ~  Plan a “Mommy Playdate” with other grown-ups.
  • ~  Make a list of free or inexpensive ways we can all take a little time for ourselves to share here on the blog.
  • ~  Get up early enough (5:30-6:00AM most days) to have a quiet time before the day begins for the rest of the house.
  • ~  Curl up in bed with a book and my Beloved by 10pm most nights to get a good night’s sleep.


How About You? ~

I’ll be sharing my progress on Facebook and Instagram, and I’d love it if you joined me. It would be way lonelier without you! Let’s find a second to actually SIT DOWN today and just breathe. Let’s put our health, our hearts, and our heads back on the to-do list – and let’s start taking better care of ourselves today!

*Fist bump*

~ Ginger

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