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What a month it’s been! After being married for 4 years, my Beloved and I finally went on our long-awaited honeymoon! I mentioned on Facebook that the resort where we had planned to stay in Mexico had been wiped out in a hurricane this fall, and our hearts sank. Joe made a few phone calls, and we received a full refund! He found us a cabin in the Volcano National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii, and we packed our bags!





I really didn’t know much about the Big Island or Hawaii in general before we bought a book that was HUGELY helpful in our travels! The Big Island Revealed was written by a man who lives on the Big Island – and it a guided us to many amazing non-touristy places during our week in Hawaii!

We started out by exploring the shores of Hilo, gawking at the sea turtles, and finding nice people selling fresh coconut water – in the coconut! I can’t tell you how much better it is right from the tree!


Hawaii 1


We decided to head up to the beautiful Mauna Kea summit – more than 14,000 feet up – to see the international observatories that live way above the clouds. Wow. Just wow.

It was cold up there at sunset, and we were still wearing our shorts and flip-flops, so we made plans to go back another night to stargaze. When we went back a few nights later, our group was treated to a guide who pointed out constellations, stars, and stories in the sky. It was incredible!


Hawaii 3


The went on a couple of hikes one morning (6 miles altogether!) where we descended 400 feet through a rainforest, made our way over this frozen lava lake from when Kilauea erupted long ago, then climbed the 400 feet back up to civilization. It took years for this lake of once red-hot lava to cool and harden – and now you can walk across it!



You can see the beautiful Mauna Loa looming in the background…




The walk wasn’t an easy one – but it was breathtaking!






We decided that we hadn’t punished our bodies enough after that hike, so we went on another trek to see a lava tube!


IMG_0762 2


We were sore and tired after our hikes, but I am so glad we went – and this Kansas girl learned that I love hiking!


Hawaii 4


The waves were too high for us to kayak during our stay, so we spent a couple of afternoons crossing off what I wanted to do in Hawaii – lounge on the beach!




This is what we had waited four years to experience! I had a fruity drink in my hand, a book in my lap, my Beloved by my side, and a smile on my face! I even dozed to the sound of the waves. Happiest of happy sighs.


Hawaii 9


We also made the difficult hike to visit the hidden away Green Sand Beach near the southern tip of the Big Island. Wowzers – this was hard. It was three miles of climbing over sharp lava rocks each way, and we were only in our flip-flops! By the time we’d made it back to our car, I had 5 blisters on the bottoms of my feet – and sores where the rocks had poked THROUGH my shoes!

Yes, it was a bit windy that day…





But seeing the gorgeous green sand was worth it!





There were so many beautiful things to see and experience on Hawai’i – that one little blog post can’t do it justice.




Cliffs and valleys…



An active volcano…





Akaka Falls


My new buddy – King Kamehameha the Great (the first ruler of the Hawaiian islands)…



And gorgeous black sand beaches…


Waipi'o Valley Beach


I am beyond grateful that I get to walk through life with this guy!

Hawaii 5


I have become obsessed with Hawaiian history since our trip! I’m reading a fascinating book by the last monarch of Hawaii – Queen Lili’uokalani – and eagerly looking for more stories of the Hawaiian past and culture.



Joe and I have even begun dreaming of one day moving to Hawaii! I could definitely cozy up to the idea of writing and sipping coconut water while watching the waves at sunset from my lanai! It did my heart so much good to just get away. We were able to finally relax, letting all of the stress of the last several years – broken hearts, divorces, deployments, custody battles, cancer, living apart – melt away. Ahhh…

Thank you so much for indulging me today – and for staying with me during my long absence this month! I can’t wait to get back to sharing together every week now that life is finally starting to get back to normal after the rush of the holidays!

I’ll be back later this week for the December Edition of What I’m Into!


~ Ginger

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  • Diane says:

    My son lives in Hawaii, and your post brought back memories of my wonderful visits to this beautiful land. I’m so glad the two of you could experience Hawaii and have this quality time to renew your love.

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