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Building Your Nest Together - Williams Sonoma

I practically floated around the store that day, pausing here and there to use my magical little scanner with its beeping red light. I was only twenty-years-old, and there I was choosing things for our wedding registry. It was the start of the rest of our lives!

Pots and pans. Curtains. Blender. Lamp. Drinking glasses. Throw pillows. Steak knives. 

Because of our generous friends and family, we would have all of the things newlyweds think they should register for as they began their new life together.

But then, life happened.

Over time, the pots and pans wore away and my decorating style evolved. The towels frayed, knives rusted, and I only used the milkshake machine once. I had scanned and beeped away to my little heart’s content, but I had neglected to think about things that would last forever.

I was recently asked if I had any wedding registry advice for an excited couple, and I jumped at the chance to share what I wish I had known back when I was a preparing to build my nest!

It’s thirteen years later, but I still wish that I had invested in quality rather than quantity.

I have always been a frugal girl, and as much as I love a good bargain, I wish that I could go back and tell myself that it would be wise and not a waste to invest in things for our home that were sure to last a lifetime.


As a young bride, I had no idea how much nicer it would be to have quality knives in my cooking arsenal. My Beloved says that good knives are comfortable to use, durable, and they won’t rust. I love that food preparation has never been easier (or safer!) since we invested in a few excellent knives, and sharpen them regularly.

My dad always says, “Take care of your things, and your things will take care of you.”


Kitchen Aid Mixer - Williams-Sonoma

My middle-of-the-line appliances didn’t fare very well. The blender gave out on me, the toaster died, and the hand mixer couldn’t manage all of the recipes I had wanted to tackle.

I know a family who has used the same Kitchen Aid mixer for twenty years, so when it was finally time for me to look for a new one, I knew exactly what I wanted. I have never had an issue with my little red machine. It mixes pancake batter for our family’s Saturday morning pancakes, and has whipped egg whites for a fancy Pavlova dessert.

Hard-working, easy to use, and fun to look at – what’s not to love?

Le Creuset

Eight years (and several failed pots and pans) later, my friend Joanne carefully handed me a heavy package. I couldn’t hold back the tears that filled my eyes as I unwrapped her gift.

Le Creuset.

My fingers touched the raised letters on the lid, and I lifted it to find the most beautiful cast-iron braising pan. In red, my favorite color, of course.

“This is for a fresh start. It’s something that will last you forever.”

I cook absolutely everything in my braising pan. It makes the most delicious roast chicken, scrambled eggs, and fruit crisp. I love it so much that I asked for a similar oval Dutch oven last Christmas!

My friend was right – these really will last forever. Her gift, and her friendship, are things that I will cherish for the rest of my life…


Kitchen - Wedding Registry

You can find these ideas and more at And be sure to check out their Wedding Registry resource page if you are planning your own big day!

Just remember one thing – Styles change and trends will come and go, but quality is what you need as you begin feathering your nest together. In your marriage and in your home, invest in those things that will last a lifetime.

How about you? What advice do you have for couples who are setting out on this new journey together? What was your favorite thing from your own wedding registry? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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  • Diane L. says:

    Great post! I don’t believe I’ve ever read this kind of advice for brides-to-be before.
    I absolutely agree that it pays off in the long run to buy high quality appliances, even if they are a bit more expensive. I bought a great mixer when I was taking a cake decorating class in high school, and it lasted for 30 years!

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