10 Books that Stuck with Me…

I was tagged by one of my favorite people, my Aunt Nanette, and my lovely blogging buddy Sadie of Cottage & Home to share with you ten books that have stuck with me throughout my life, and I thought that I’d turn it into a blog post! I’m sure you’ve seen this going around on Facebook. The instructions say that you don’t have to think long or hard about this list. Just name the first 10 books that pop into your head, so here goes…

1. To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee ~

Books that Stuck with Me ~ To Kill a Mockingbird - justoneoftheboys.com

This book absolutely changed my life. I first read it when I was about 14, and it peeled the blinders off my eyes as I read about a new, real, gritty side of life. I learned that you should still fight for what is right, even if it’s a losing battle. I saw courage in the face of unspeakable hardship, a father’s love for his children, and how friendship can blossom in the most unlikely places.

P.S. Joe knows that I have always wanted to name a (possible) future daughter after my connection to this book. We’ll see what happens. 😉

2. The Little House series, by Laura Ingalls Wilder ~

Books that Stick ~ Little House

My books are so worn from the hours spent pouring over Laura’s stories, that I had to get a new set to replace them! My aunt and uncle gave me my first set when I was in the 2nd grade, and I will keep those books on my shelf and treasure them always. Now they’re next to the newer set that I’m accumulating, ones that the boys and I can read without worrying about my older books falling apart! I’m still planning to add Little Town on the Prairie and These Happy Golden Years to my collection as I find them.

3. The Ragamuffin Gospel, by Brennan Manning ~

Books that Stick ~ The Ragamuffin Gospel

When I came home from living in Russia for a year, I had a crisis of faith. The legalism from my past caught up with me. I was so tired of trying to be perfect, and I was struggling under the weight of serving (who I believed) a harsh and unloving God. As I made my way through this book, my cold and aching heart began to melt and heal. I still come back to Brennan Manning books and sermons when I need a reminder that I am loved. Totally, completely, and undeservedly…just the way I am.

4. Anne of Green Gables/Emily of New Moon, by L. M. Montgomery ~

Books that Stick ~ L. M. Montgomery

Oh, the many girlhood nights I spent with a flashlight under my covers pouring over the trials and adventures of everyone’s favorite Canadian heroines! Broken slates, moving to New Moon Farm, bosom friends, and poetry – Love these books!

5. Resurrection, by Leo Tolstoy ~

Books that Stick ~ Resurrection

I first read Resurrection (Voskreseneeyeh) while living in Moscow, Russia. I haven’t found a copy in English for my collection, but I did buy this beautiful Russian version!

6. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare ~

Books that Stick ~ Shakespeare

My large copy of the Complete Works was a birthday gift from my mom and step-dad. This gem had been sitting in a teeny-tiny library for years! Knowing my love for vintage books, my mom bought them a new version of Shakespeare’s works, just so she could surprise me with the antique copy! The smaller books of plays are ones that I have collected over the years from used bookstores, garage sales, and estate sales.

7. Safe People/Boundaries Series by Clound & Townsend ~

Books that Stick ~ Safe People and Boundaries

My sister-in-law sent me a copy of Safe People when my first marriage began to fall apart. It was through reading it and the Boundaries books that I realized that I could and SHOULD develop healthy boundaries in my relationships.

8. Half the Sky, by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn ~


Talk about a wakeup call. This book opened my eyes to the unspeakable hardships that women and girls have been facing in many parts of the globe. I love that each chapter not only makes the readers aware of what is going on in many cultures, but also of the people who are working tirelessly to end this oppression and empower women and families all over the world!

9. Me Before You, by Jojo Moyes ~

Books that Stick ~ Me Before You

This book wrecked me for all other modern fiction. Book. Tissues. Enough said.

10. Bird by Bird, by Anne Lamott ~

Books that Stick ~ Bird by Bird

Part memoir, part writing guide, this book has been my go-to pick for invaluable writing inspiration and encouragement – as only Anne Lamott can give it!

That wraps up the list of ten books that have stuck with me over the years. I could have gone on and on… Austen, Brontë, Dumas, L’Engle and more.

I’m dying to know – Which books make YOUR top ten list? What were your childhood favorites? Have you read any of the books on my list? What are you reading right now? I’d love to hear all about it!

I’d love to be GoodReads buddies! You can also find me on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. “Won’t you be my neighbor?” 🙂

Happy Reading!


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Written by ginger


  • Heather James says:

    1. The Outsiders
    2. Chronicles of Narnia
    3. Pride and Prejudice
    4. Mr. Willoughby’s Christmas Tree
    5. Brave New World
    6. 1984
    7. The Harry Potter Series
    8. The Divergent series
    9. Pretty much anything by John Green
    10. Alice in Wonderland

  • I loved Emily of New Moon, too! I still have the paperback I read as a twelve-year-old, the very same edition you have in your picture. (Re-reading it as an adult, though, I have to admit that Dean Priest creeps me out!).

  • Claudia says:

    Hi Ginger,
    I just found your blog last night and had to tell you how happy I am that I did. I so enjoy taking some time for myself and reading your past blogs entries. You are refreshingly real and a wonderful writer. What I’ve read so far has really inspired me in many ways and I wanted you to know. Thank you for taking the time to share parts of your life with us.

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