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Happy mid-week, everyone! Are you taking a little time for yourself today?

I have been behind this week with another round of back pain that has traveled up my head causing a bad headache as well. I realized that I haven’t had any coconut water for about a week , but I don’t know if that’s what has caused it to come back. It’s the only thing that I’ve been doing differently, so I am back to sipping coconut water, using my foam roller, and rubbing EO into the sore spots.

Hopefully I’ll be back in fighting form in the next day or so!

A Happier, Healthier You ~ Week #23

I’ve shared with you a little bit of how I’ve had trouble sleeping while my Beloved has been deployed. Apart from the general worry about his safety and missing him, sleeplessness is one of my least favorite things about deployment. I don’t have trouble falling asleep. In fact, I often nod off while trying to write a post, reading a book, or watching TV. My problem seems to be that I don’t stay asleep. I wake up easily – and often my heart is racing when I am startled awake.

I was becoming exhausted. I tried so hard to not show my Beloved how frazzled I was becoming while we were on the phone. He could tell something was wrong, and when he gently told me that he was worried about me, the tears fell.

“I feel like a rubber band that is pulled so tightly, like I could break.”

Nighttime is probably the hardest time for me when Joe is gone. I gaze at his empty pillow and wonder what he is doing right then, worrying and praying for his safety.

It wasn’t until I met for coffee with my lovely friend Crystal a couple of weeks ago that I finally had some ideas to try for getting more sleep. She suggested drinking Traditional Medicinals Nighty Night Tea. It’s different than other sleepy-time teas by promoting deeper sleep, not just putting you to sleep.

Basket of teas

I also took her advice and ordered the Badger Night Night balm for my feet, and started to use the Stress Away Essential Oil. I’m an EO newbie, but this seemed like a good place to start!

I had such a refreshing time of catching up with Crystal, laughing, and encouraging each other – and I am so grateful for her friendship and her help!

I usually drink the tea 1-2 hours before I go to bed. I’m often sipping on it while reading or blogging at night, and it makes for a relaxing way to unwind before bed!

Nighty Night Tea

Since I started drinking the tea and using the lotion/EO, I have been sleeping SO much better! I don’t wake up groggy, like I do when I take Benadryl, but I feel like I am finally reaching a deeper sleep cycle! Yay!!! I intend to keep it up for a while – at least until he gets home and I can quite literally rest easier.

Last Week’s Goals ~

  • Stay hydratedI did better at this during the week. I kept my water bottle with me at all times, and that seemed to help me remember to drink. However, my back/neck have been hurting the last couple of days
  • Exercise at least 4 times this week. I only exercised 3 times this week, but a couple of them were pretty long workouts!
  • Continue using Nighty Night TeaBadger Balm, and EO before bed to help me sleep better.
  • Write. Write. WriteOh boy, did I write this week! I introduced a new series where I respond to questions and comments from you – my readers! This week’s post addressed negative comments that I had received about Our Story. 

Dear Ginger

  • Finish my next deployment project – Yikes. I’m kind of dreading it already! It’s not finished. The sewing machine kept jamming up, so my Tribalwoman friend took the rest of the fabric home with her. She’ll send it back my way once she is finished. That’s a true friend! Because I couldn’t finish the patio cushions, I started painting our bedroom with the leftover paint from our bathroom. We love the new color in our bath so much that we decided to bring it into our bedroom as well!

Painting in progress

Painting progress

  • Sit and watch a movie for my own enjoyment – No superhero or animated movies allowedThree words. Pride and Prejudice! The long version!
  • See my counselor, talk to her about dealing with stress while my Beloved is away, and discuss reinforcing healthy boundaries in my lifeWe talked mostly about reinforcing healthy boundaries in my life. My therapist was helpful, like always, and she gave me several things to read over until I see her again next. 
  • Enjoy girl time with my Tribal Woman this weekendCutting out cushions and fabric, sipping tea, touching up her roots, saying the lines of P & P along with the movie, and giving each other a hard time over the correct pronunciation of APE-ri-cot vs. APP-ri-cot, or-REG-ano vs. or-ree-GAWN-no. I love my time with her!

Measuring out patio cushions

Patio cushions - work in progress

Measuring out fabric

  • Read Boundaries, by Cloud & Townsend.
  • Curl up in bed or on the Story Chair by 2200 most nights to rest and relax before bed. I was in bed by 2200 MOST nights, but I did stay up quite late for two nights. One night I was writing my Dear Ginger, About the Other Woman… post, and the other I watched Pride & Prejudice with my Tribalwoman friend.

This Week’s Goals ~

  • Stay extra hydrated with coconut water for my back!
  • Exercise at least 3 times this week.
  • Write. Write. Write. Among other things, finish and share a very special In Her Shoes post for this Friday.
  • Finish ordering school books and prepare for upcoming school year.
  • Try to sneak in a long-distance date with my Beloved – depending on how well the internet is working.
  • Use my foam roller and ice for my back every day until it feels better.
  • Care for and polish my nails.
  • NO SUGAR!!!
  • Curl up in bed or on the Story Chair with a book by 2200 every night.
  • Work on my next deployment project… Stay tuned!

How are you taking a little time for yourself? I would love to keep in touch this week as we work together to take better care of ourselves! You can find me on Facebook and  Instagram, and don’t forget to check out our Pinterest group board ~ Taking Care of Ourselves!

Let’s do this, my friends! I’m going to try really hard to take better care of myself while my Beloved is deployed, but I could use your help. We can take just a little time to care for ourselves, and we’ll be stronger wives, moms, and friends because of it! You’re not alone… We can do this together!



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Written by ginger


  • So… weird question for you. How did you find your therapist? I’ve been so stressed lately over all the changes in our life, and I’ve been wondering if it might be helpful to talk to someone about it. But I have no idea where to start with that.

  • Krista says:

    I’m so glad that your new additions to your diet are helping you sleep so much better. XO I can’t sleep well away from my Bear either, and often wake with panic attacks and nightmares. I’m so glad that each day brings you closer to your Beloved’s return. XOXO

  • Glad you found a tea and EO to help you reach deeper sleep. I will have to have my hubby try it because he’s having trouble sleeping which causes me to have a bad night’s sleep too. That bedroom wall looks gorgeous!

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