A Happier, Healthier You ~ Week #22

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How are you, my friends? Are you finding ways to take care of yourself? Are you having coffee with a friend this week? Tackling a project around the house? Reading a good book? I would love to hear how you are giving a little time back to yourself this week!

One of the things on my goal list last week was to make body butter lotion out of coconut oil. I have loved what coconut oil is doing to my dry skin, but it was difficult for me to scoop out a little of the melted oil from the bottom of the narrow glass jar. I had to figure out a solution!

When I began using coconut oil on my face, I used refined oil because it didn’t have a scent. I wanted smooth skin without smelling like Miss Hawaiian Tropics! 😉 I read several places that unrefined coconut oil is actually much better for you – so I decided to give it a whirl.

I found a shorter/wider glass jar at Hobby Lobby for $2.99 (plus the weekly 40% coupon), and I was all set!

Week #22b

I initially put the full jar of coconut oil into the mixer and turned it to high. The oil melted and didn’t whip! I called my trusty and knowledgable friend Joanne, and she advised me to put the melted oil into the refrigerator until it had solidified. It didn’t take long to harden, and then I returned the oil to the mixer. Using the whisk attachment, I mixed on medium-high for a few minutes. I watched as it turned into a thick lotion!

Week #22c

The jar has been sitting on my bathroom shelf since I made it last week, and it hasn’t once turned back to liquid! I love reaching into the jar and slathering on the yummy oil!

A Happier, Healthier You ~ Week #22

Honestly, it doesn’t have a strong scent – just the lightest hint of coconut. I can most definitely live with that! It doesn’t compete with my favorite Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion or perfume when I want to wear them. My skin only feels oily for the first couple of minutes as it soaks in, but then I’m left with soft and healthy-feeling skin all day! I’ve been reapplying the oil at night – just like I used to do with my old Neutrogena body oil – and I feel and smell nice as I’m going to bed!

My friend Bee told me that if you add a little Shea butter to the mixture, it stays solid and is even creamier. I didn’t have any on hand, but this sounds like a lovely thing to try!  It didn’t cost much – only the jar and oil – and I think that I’ll end up saving money on beauty products while I’m treating my skin to something a little more natural! Ahhhhh… *happy sigh*

What do you think? Would you be willing to try making your own coconut oil butter? Have you ever made your own? I’d love to hear all about it!

 Last Week’s Goals ~

  • Stay better hydrated with water, sea salt water, and coconut water.
  • Continue working out at least four times this weekI tried a new (to me) Nike running skirt this week. I recently found it half-off the tag price at Goodwill. For being such a bargain, I had to give it a try! I felt a little funny doing my downward-dog push-ups in it, but it really does cover everything with the built-in shorts! 

Week #22h

  • Try drinking Nighty Night tea, using Nighty Night Badger Balm, and Stress Away EO to see if I can sleep better at nightI’m brewing my cup of tea right now!
  • Write. Write. WriteAn idea came to me while I was away from the house without my laptop AND my notebook that I usually keep with me. What’s a girl to do when inspiration strikes? Write on the back of a kiddo’s Sunday School papers found in the bottom of my purse. Ooops! 🙂 Next time, I’m keeping my notebook in my purse!
  • Finish putting our master bathroom back together and share on the blog. I shared a few pictures on Facebook and Instagram this weekend of the progress, and now it’s ready to take final reveal pictures to share with you! Quinn approves of our new fluffy towels

Week #22f

  • Decide on the next deployment project to keep me busyHere’s a pic I shared on Instagram yesterday of what I wore to church (black maxi dress tied in the front, scarf from Afghanistan, and gladiator-esque sandals – it felt like a toga!), and behind me you can see the hints for my next couple deployment projects!

Week #22g

  • Whip up coconut oil for easier use and find a shorter jar to keep it inLove!!! Seriously – it was so easy, and makes applying it to my skin so much easier!
  • Enjoy a little sugar in my tea each morning, but don’t overindulge in sweets. I don’t think I pigged out, but I had more sugar than I normally do – but tiramisu with a friend and a little raw sugar in my Earl Grey tea each morning sure was yummy! 
  • Try to sneak in a little long-distance date with my Beloved. *crossing fingers for a good internet connection*  I love our long-distance dates! Quinn wanted to make silly faces into the camera as we were waiting for Daddy Joe to call us. 

Week #22a

I snapped this pic before my Beloved left on deployment – He bought these for us to work through together while he was gone this summer. We have been having such a good time comparing our funny answers, and learning more about each other! I would highly recommend doing them with YOUR beloved for a date night, or even when you have to be apart!
Week #22i

  • Curl up in bed or on the Story Chair by 2200 most nights with a book or TV show to wind down from the dayYep! Been curled up in bed by 2200 most nights – unwinding with an episode of Orange is the New Black. I think I’ll try relaxing with something less stressful…as soon as I finish Season Two!

This Week’s Goals ~

  • Stay hydrated!
  • Exercise at least 4 times this week.
  • Continue using Nighty Night Tea, Badger Balm, and EO before bed to help me sleep better.
  • Write. Write. Write.
  • Finish my next deployment project – Yikes. I’m kind of dreading it already!
  • Sit and watch a movie for my own enjoyment – No superhero or animated movies allowed!
  • See my counselor, talk to her about dealing with stress while my Beloved is away, and discuss reinforcing healthy boundaries in my life.
  • Enjoy girl time with my Tribal Woman this weekend.
  • Read Boundaries, by Cloud & Townsend.
  • Curl up in bed or on the Story Chair by 2200 most nights to rest and relax before bed.

How are you taking a little time for yourself? I would love to keep in touch this week as we work together to take better care of ourselves! You can find me on Facebook and  Instagram, and don’t forget to check out our Pinterest group board ~ Taking Care of Ourselves!

Let’s do this, my friends! I’m going to try really hard to take better care of myself while my Beloved is deployed, but I could use your help. We can take just a little time to care for ourselves, and we’ll be stronger wives, moms, and friends because of it! You’re not alone… We can do this together!


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Written by ginger


  • I made a lotion out of coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax (actually it was meant to be massage lotion but man it is awesome on my dry feet!), it lasts a really long time, and it’s soft enough you don’t have to whip it. I’ll try to find the recipe for you.

    I have to admit I’m pretty jealous of all the house projects you’ve got going on right now! I really want to work on decluttering my old house and organizing my new house, but I have No. Time. Argh…

  • I would love to hear your advice for dealing with stress. The hardest time I have is identifying what is stressing me and knowing how to deal with it….Hope your appointment goes well!

  • I love the idea of whipped coconut oil as lotion! I’ve never tried that…but maybe I’ll give it a shot before we move next week and I’m without my mixer for a month (sniff, sniff!). I’m excited to see what your next deployment project is-the bathroom turned out beautifully! Want to come visit our new house and help me decorate? 🙂

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