Week #20 ~ A Happier, Healthier You

A Happier Healthier You - justoneoftheboys.com

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Did you find a way to take a little time for yourself? I would love to hear all about it! If you’re just joining us, we are working on taking better care of ourselves this year – becoming a happier, healthier you! It wasn’t until earlier this year when I realized that I could give myself permission to take a little time for myself. Taking better care of myself means that I will be taking better care of the ones I love! Everybody wins, but I went 32 years without realizing that. I am so happy to be on this journey with you!

A Healthier, Happier You ~ Week #20

I’ve been trying to stay busy while my Beloved is deployed this summer, and this past weekend I started tackling my first big deployment project – removing the wallpaper from our master bath. I watched old episodes of What Not to Wear on my iPad while I worked, and I had fun!

Removing Wallpaper - deployment project! ~ justoneoftheboys.com

Aiden helped me finish up this morning when the boys came home from a weekend with their dad. I had only a small part left, and he was a big help!

My wallpaper removing helper! - justoneoftheboys.com

Now I need to do a little clean-up around the trim and mirror, fill in a couple of holes, and prep the walls to be painted. Eeeeeek! I love painting! I’ll be trying to find the perfect paint color this week. The stone tile has a gray and slight purple-ish tint to it. I’d love to find a paint color that would be soothing and spa-like, and that will complete our little master retreat. Do y’all have any suggestions for me? Do you have a favorite soothing paint color? I would love to hear any advice that you have for me!

I absolutely love pouring myself into making our house a home, especially while my Beloved is away. It helps me to keep my mind and hands busy while Joe is deployed. I still worry and think about him every minute of the day, but I feel so much healthier when I take the time to do something for me. Doing projects around our house is a big way of accomplishing that for me, and our bathroom looks better already!

Last Week’s Goals ~

  • Stay hydrated with enough water, sea salt water, and coconut waterThis reminds me that I need to go grab another glass of water. How are you staying hydrated this summer? 
  • Relax and watch a movie or TV show just for me. A mom of 3 boys can only take so much American Ninja Warrior or Mythbusters before needing a little breakI watched quite a bit of What Not to Wear on the iPad this weekend while steaming/scraping wallpaper off our bathroom walls. It was fun to revisit some of my favorite episodes while tackling a deployment project. Yay for Netflix!
  • Exercise at least 4 times this weekCheck! I even had an exercise buddy one morning last week! Love getting healthy with our boys! 

Exercise with my boys - justoneoftheboys.com

Our boys are trying to convince me to try out for their favorite show – American Ninja Warrior. Their confidence in me is so sweet, and I’ll treasure it forever, even if I never become a Ninja. I’m still doing AKT in Motion videos almost every morning (6 out of 7 days last week), and I’m still loving the results that I’m seeing from these quick and challenging workouts!

Fitness - Becoming a stronger & healthier wife, mom, and woman every day!

  • I would say no sugar except on weekends, but I’ve heard about some delicious mint brownies that a friend will be bringing to my house on Wednesday evening when we host our small group. I think I’ll make an exception for dessert on Wednesday! 😉 The mint brownies were spectacular! I will say this for giving up sugar, when I do have it – it’s such a treat!

Mint brownie - justoneoftheboys.com

  • Be up by 0600 on weekday mornings to exercise and enjoy quiet time before the day gets crazy, but see if my body needs to sleep in a little on the weekend. I was up early most mornings, but there were a couple of mornings where I slept until 0630. I think my body really needed to sleep in those mornings. I’m still not sleeping super well, so I might try to catch up on sleep this next week.
  • Write. Write. Write. I worked a little on a project, but not enough. I need to focus more on writing this week. 
  • Finish up my last school projects/paperwork – deployment projectWhew! Glad to be finished with that! 
  • Work on removing the rest of the wallpaper from our master bathroom – another deployment projectYES!
  • Enjoy girl-time with friends next weekend. Shakespeare in the Park, anyoneI had a fabulous weekend! In addition to working on my first big deployment project (the wallpaper), I had sushi with a friend, went to Shakespeare in the Park with a group of friends, and then we went out for frozen yogurt. It was such an enjoyable evening!

I also had a wonderful time with my sister this past weekend! We went to see The Fault in Our Stars on Friday night, and then we spent Saturday afternoon lounging by her apartment pool. That was such a relaxing time – chatting, resting, dipping into the pool, and flipping over to get our backs. I didn’t realize how much I needed that time with my sister!

Retro red and white swimsuit - perfect for a busy mom! -justoneoftheboys.com

Going to the pool meant that I got to wear my retro swimsuit! Never before have I had a swimsuit that I actually looked forward to wearing! It covers up everything that I want, but I also feel comfortable and classic. That, my friends, is a first! If you’re struggling to find a swimming suit, I highly recommend trying something vintage-inspired! I found mine on Amazon, but they are currently out of stock. I’ve seen many fabulous swimming options at ModCloth.com.

Retro red and polka dot swimsuit - justoneoftheboys.com

  • Be curled up in bed or on the Story Chair by 2200 most nights this weekI was curled up in bed by 10pm almost every night. 


This Week’s Goals ~

  • Stay hydrated with water, sea salt water, and coconut water.
  • Finally order myself the tea from Amazon that I’ve been meaning to for months. I have a gift card burning in my pocket!
  • Continue working out at least four times this week.
  • Do not set my alarm to get up early – and let myself sleep in a little, if that is what my body needs.
  • No sugar except on the weekend.
  • Prepare the bathroom walls to be ready for paint – and find the perfect paint color. – Deployment project!
  • Write. Write. Write. Among other things, finish the next chapter in Our Story.
  • Continue using oil cleansing to wash my face, and coconut oil as my moisturizer.
  • Read a book that my counselor recommended to me – Battlefield of the Mind.
  • Curl up on the Story Chair or in bed by 2200 each night to read or relax before falling asleep.

How are you taking a little time for yourself? I would love to keep in touch this week as we work together to take better care of ourselves! You can find me on Facebook and  Instagram, and don’t forget to check out our Pinterest group board ~ Taking Care of Ourselves!

Let’s do this, my friends! I’m going to try really hard to take better care of myself while my Beloved is deployed, but I could use your help. We can take just a little time to care for ourselves, and we’ll be stronger wives, moms, and friends because of it! You’re not alone… We can do this together!


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Written by ginger


  • Tammy says:

    First of all, you can come help me paint when you are done. ;). I have three rooms to do and I do NOT enjoy it. Secondly, did you like the oil cleansing oil method?

  • Krista says:

    Your suit is adorable! 🙂 How fun to find something you love and that you feel comfy in. 🙂

  • Diane L. says:

    I just found your blog from your post on MoneySavingMom, and I read through your “story” this morning. You truly have a gift for writing!
    I also went through a painful divorce, and your story touched my heart. Like you, I tried so very hard and prayed so very hard for my marriage to be healed. I truly believed God would work a miracle in my husband’s heart, and when that didn’t happen, I not only felt abandoned by my husband but also abandoned by God. But I finally realized that as much as God desires damaged marriages to be healed, He gives each of us a free will, and He won’t force someone to follow their marriage vows.
    Today my life is so much healthier and so much happier, and God has also given me a new “beloved”. I pray that you and your beloved will have a long and happy Christ-centered life together. Thanks for sharing your story!

    • ginger says:

      Oh Diane, you just made my whole day! Thank you so much for sharing with me part of your story. I am so very sorry for the pain that you have been through – but rejoicing with you for coming out of it healthier, happier, and with your own beloved! Our stories mirror each other in so many ways. I’m praying the same for you and your honey as well!

      Thank you SO much for coming to visit here today! *big hugs*

  • Tara G. says:

    I enjoyed reading your story and rejoice with you over God’s redemption and love in your life. Blessings to you and the children as you endure this deployment! Make sure you set aside some $ and time to go shop for a cute outfit for the homecoming- it’ll benefit the whole family! 🙂

    • ginger says:

      Hiya Tara! I am so thrilled that you stopped by! Thank you so much for your encouraging comment! You have such a good idea – I might use my piggy bank money to buy that homecoming outfit! 🙂 *big hugs*

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