Behind the Scenes ~ My Writing Process

Behind the Scenes ~ My Writing Process

I was thrilled when my new blogging buddy Cara Meredith asked me to join a new series about writing! (Check out her lovely blog, and be ready to feel encouraged, inspired, and challenged!) Each writer in this series is asked the same four questions about their writing process, and I have loved reading about how other bloggers and writers approach their love of the craft!

What am I working on/writing?

I am chronicling the continuing chapters of Our Story to share here on the blog. In it, I am sharing my journey of discovering betrayal and infidelity in my first marriage, my divorce, life as a single mother to my three little boys, and how my heart healed after all of the pain. I am currently writing how Joe went from being “my friend’s little brother” to the man he is today ~ my Beloved. I’m hoping to share the next chapter a little later in the month, as our wedding anniversary approaches. *happy sigh* I am finding this as a special way to pass the time while he is deployed this summer!

Chapter 1


I am also writing a weekly series for the blog where I ask women to come alongside me and take better care of themselves – A Happier, Healthier You. I have heard the admonishment many times to take care of myself – eat better, get more sleep, give myself a little grace – but it wasn’t until the beginning of 2014 that it finally dawned on my heart that I could give myself permission to do this. I devote so much time, blood, sweat, and tears to being a good mom to our boys, but I needed to put my health back on the to-do list. I share my goals for the week, how I did the week before, and simple ways that we can all start taking care of ourselves so that we can take better care of our loved ones!

A Happier Healthier You -

There is also a little side writing project that I have been working on for several months. I am thrilled to tell you that I’ve been working on a bit of historical fiction. Biblical historical fiction, to be more precise. I woke up from a dream one night and had a clear idea of what I wanted to write – the story of Eve. I’m not entirely sure how this will play out. Maybe this story is for my eyes only. Maybe my boys will read it one day and know that it is never too late to work for your dreams. Perhaps I will share it one chapter at a time here on the blog. Or maybe I will submit it for publication one day. Who knows? What I do know is that it is stretching me in ways I had never imagined – and even if no one else ever holds it in their hands, I believe that I will be a better woman and writer because of this story.

Week #16bI have other ideas floating around in my writing notebooks, including putting Our Story together in memoir or fictional form – complete with details and stories that I have previously left out of the blog. I felt so very alone when my life came crashing down around me, and I want to let everyone know through my writing that no matter what nightmare comes your way, or wherever your journey leads, you are not alone. I promise.

How does my writing/work differ from others in its genre?

May I let you in on a little secret? Even though I have been sharing here on the blog for almost one year, I’m not entirely sure where I fit in. There are so many writers and bloggers that I look up to, but the beauty of creativity is that we are all so different! What flows out of my heart and onto the page is different than all of the writers that I admire. Our stories are as unique as our writing styles, and I am so grateful to be a small part of this incredible community!

Why do I write what I do?

Earnest Hemingway said it best – “Write the truest sentence that you know.” I write what I know to be true – the pain, the scars, the healing, the butterflies. I write because when I try to squelch the story rising up within me, part of me dies. I have loved the written word since I could identify my ABCs, and when my head wasn’t buried in a book, I was writing on whatever I could get my little hands on. I write because it is healing. I write because I can’t NOT write. And I am so grateful for each of you for allowing me to be a small part of your day. Your encouragement and support means more to me than you’ll ever know!

How does my writing process work?


My schedule varies, as I am still trying to figure out what works best for our family. Most mornings I get up extra early to write. There are often late nights when I can’t turn off the flow of words, and I have to sit there until I know that my piece is finished. Most often you will find me sitting on my red Story Chair or at my antique spinet desk. Sometimes I work on editing or pictures at the dining table while the boys are eating lunch, or on the front porch while watching them play basketball in the driveway. I carry a notebook in my purse, and I’ll jot down ideas or first drafts while I’m waiting at the doctor’s office, swimming lessons, or whenever inspiration whispers to me. I want to be present for my family, but I also feel called to write… so I’m still learning to find the balance!

 Coming up…

Crystal Paine ~


One of the things that I love about this series is that it’s the gift that just keeps on giving! My friend Cara Meredith tagged me in her post, and I am incredibly excited to tag my friend Crystal for the same post next week in this awesome series! I love learning how others that I admire approach the writing process!

Crystal Paine is a child of God, wife, homeschool mom of three, author, speaker, and aspiring runner. Her mission is to challenge women to wisely manage their time and resources and live life on purpose. She blogs at


*big hugs*


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  • Jennifer says:

    Thanks for this peek into your process, Ginger! I am so intrigued by how writers work. I’m convinced that everyone’s approach to writing is as unique to that person as his/her fingerprints are. And I am thrilled to hear that you are composing Eve’s story – now that is a voice that could use some recovering! If you ever plan to post it here or publish it elsewhere(!), I will definitely be reading it. Thanks for sharing your beautifully unique voice in this space; it’s such a pleasure to read your words.

  • I love your series and how you are documenting your story. You definitely write truthfully here and there’s no need to fit into a niche. You are your very own.

    • ginger says:

      Hiya Lisa! Thank you SO much!!! Reading your comment made me feel so encouraged! I’m so happy that we became blogging buddies! *hug*

  • Wow – thanks for letting us “peek behind the curtain”! It’s exciting to hear about all the writing projects you have in the works…you are such a great writer and I know you’ll put 100% into whatever you decide to write about.

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