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Happy Monday, Friends! How was your week? Did you find ways to take a little time for yourself over the last few days? I know that I’ve said it before, but I am really enjoying hearing about the ways that you are caring for yourself. This is still very new to me – caring for myself the way that I care for those that I love around me – but I am learning to set my goals and take a little time to mother myself so that I can be a better wife, mother, and friend.

One of my goals from last week was to clean out and organize the junk drawers in the kitchen. I’m really embarrassed to show you how bad it actually was, but here goes…

desk before 1

Yikes! This drawer was my catch-all. It had become a place for anything without a place, and it had been driving me nuts for way too long. I emptied out the drawers, gave it a good dusting, and vowed to not put anything back without putting some thought into our storage needs. This kitchen desk is where I keep our family calendar and where we get our school supplies when we’re studying upstairs.

desk after

I searched and searched, but I finally found something shallow enough that would work as a drawer organizer – shadow boxes! I found these on clearance at Target, and at less than 1.5″ tall, they were the perfect size!

week 7k

I began to put go through the pile of junk drawer, well…junk, and only put back what we need too keep in the desk drawer.


Week #7 - A Happier, Healthier You

This small drawer is where we used to keep our pencils and pens, but it was too much of a mess. We decided to designate this drawer for the gamers in the house. When our boys get home from the weekend, we’ll be adding the other DS systems and games. The kiddos can only get these out after school, homework, and chores are finished, so keeping them in the kitchen will be a great way to make sure that they don’t go wandering off without permission!

week 7h

*Happy sigh* I love an organized space. After putting off this chore for months, this area is making me feel so much better already!

week 7g

I keep a bell on my desk that I ring when I need all three boys to come running. School, dinner, chore instructions, dance break – when I ring the bell, it sounds like a herd of elephants coming up the stairs. I love my little elephants!

I found a cup to solve our pencil storage problem. Nate Berkus office supplies on clearance – score! And an office area isn’t complete without a red Swingline stapler.

“Excuse me, I believe you have my stapler…” ~ Name that movie!

Desk collage

Organizing my junk drawers inspired me to start working on the rest of our kitchen. Between the two of us, my Beloved and I have a “yours, mine, and ours” collection of household goods. Every once in a while it’s good to do a State of the Kitchen meeting to see what we have, what we don’t need, and what we’ll keep. We did a little purging, a little reorganizing, and a little shuffling. I think our kitchen is going to work even better from now on! *Another happy sigh*

week 7e

Last Week’s Goals ~

  • Drink at least 64oz. of water each day. Have y’all seen Money Saving Mom’s 12 Months to a Healthier You challenge? This month she is focusing on drinking enough water. It’s been a huge encouragement to me! A tummy bug hit me this week. There was a day when I tried to get small amounts of water in me, but I definitely didn’t get all 64 ounces. 
  • Remember to take my vitamins every morning. Because of the tummy bug, I didn’t even try to take my vitamins when I wasn’t feeling well. 
  • Exercise 4 times this weekI continued working on the stationary bike and elliptical machine at the gym, but I started doing a few yoga moves in the mornings along with my Pilates. Quinn (5) joined me one morning. He’s definitely way more flexible than I am. Nothing’s cuter than a little guy trying to attempt downward-facing dog!
  • Care for my nailsI received so many wonderful pieces of advice from you last week! I went out and bought what I could find – Burt’s Bees cuticle cream, Sally Hansen’s cuticle dissolving gel, and a crystal nail file. I had never heard of such a nail file – and I loved it! I tried several places for one of the top coats that was recommended, but I couldn’t find any of them at the stores that I visited. I’ll go hunting for them on the other side of town this week. 

Week 7b

  • Treat myself to StarbucksSuch a wonderful treat! This was a fun little gift to myself the Monday after Daylight Savings, and a great way to kick off the school day!

Week 7a

  • Finish organizing the kitchen junk drawerYes!
  • Curl up in bed or the Story Chair with a book by 2200 each nightLast week this was the hardest goal for me, but this week was much better! I still left dishes or other things until morning – like washing the pineapple mousse parfait glasses that our home team friends devoured. 

week 7c

By being in bed earlier, I had time to watch a little Mad Men and read a wonderful little story this week!


  • Go for a walk outside. Like I mentioned earlier, I was feeling pretty puny for a few days last week. I’ll get one in for sure this week!
  • Play the piano three times this week. Only twice.
  • Make an appointment for a massage to see if it helps my back pain. I asked my friend Marsha for a recommendation, and she had glowing things to say about a lady that she sees for massages. I called and got her earliest appointment – this coming Thursday. Huzzah!


This Week’s Goals ~

  • Drink at least 64 oz. of water each day.
  • Empty the coins out of my purse and put them into my high-heeled piggy bank to treat myself later on.
  • Remember to take my vitamins every morning.
  • I don’t know how to say this delicately…but there comes a time in every woman’s wardrobe when she needs to get new “foundational” garments. 😉 If I learned anything from watching ten years of What Not to Wear, other than “dress your age,” it would be to make sure that you’re wearing the correct size of bra. I’ve known for quite a while that I need to update that part of my wardrobe, and even though I hate this kind of shopping, it’s something that I need to do.
  • Treat myself to Starbucks. Did I mention that I hate bra shopping? I hate it so much, last time I ended up in tears, that I think I’ll get a chai latté to soften the experience. And maybe some chocolate.
  • Care for my nails and my hands. I’ve noticed how dry my hands are even though I use lotion a couple times each day. How do you care for your hands? Do you love a certain kind of lotion? Do you wear gloves while you clean or wash dishes? (I’m beginning to think that’s a big culprit.) What do you do? I’d love to hear about it!
  • Go for a walk outside.
  • Enjoy my massage on Thursday.
  • Bake cookies for fun.
  • Curl up with a book or a movie in bed or on the Story Chair by 2200 each night. If you want to see what I’m currently reading, we can be buddies on GoodReads!

If you want to keep in touch during the week, or if you want to follow my progress, you can find me on Facebook and Instagram. I also recently started a Pinterest group board – Taking Care of Ourselves – where we can share ideas, stories, and inspiration.

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Written by ginger


  • Cuticle remover? Who knew! I may have to go back and check out the comments to that post. I’ll definitely be reading to see if anyone has tips about dry hands. Mine are terrible. (and I never wear gloves to wash dishes… sigh.) I’ve found that renaming the junk drawer the “utility drawer” has seemed to have a positive effect on how well we keep it up, too. At least it encourages people to only put useful things in it, not junk!

    • ginger says:

      Hi Sarah! Some of the suggestions were on FB, too. They had some great recommendations! The cuticle remover didn’t hurt at all – something that I had been dreading! “Utility Drawer” sounds so much more efficient and useful than junk drawer. Love it! Thank you so much for linking up today – I can’t tell you what that means to me! 🙂

  • Laura says:

    Thank you so much for sharing that you sometimes leave dishes over night! Sometimes when reading blogs I feel like the women are superwomen, and it always encourages me to hear that they struggle with the same things that I do. Also, I truly hate bra shopping too. I’m on the small side and it never seems like I can find anything to fit me:( I hope that you are able to find something amazing. I’m loving this weekly series and thank you so much for doing a link-up.

    • ginger says:

      Hiya, Laura! I’m so thrilled that you stopped by today! I used to stay up late finishing all of the dishes because I really do hate having them greet me in the morning, but I’m learning to let them sit overnight so I can enjoy a little down time before falling asleep at night. I’m certainly not a supermom by any stretch – and it’s so nice to meet other moms who normal, too! 🙂 I loved getting to see your lovely blog!

      I’m on the small side as well, so I have a hard time finding anything to fit me, too. Like I said, last time I ended up in tears. Let’s see if I can get away cry-free this time. 🙂 I hope that you’ll link up again!

  • Ever since you’ve started doing your weekly “Happy, Healthier You”, I’ve been painting my nails right along with you–and now have a crystal nail file too! Have you ever tried L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Lotion? You can find it at Sephora (I think Ulta has it too) and it is a definite treat for the hands. My mom and I swear by it! It should bring some relief to your poor hands! It is pricey, but it works, and I promise you’ll see results. Good luck on hitting your goals this week! I enjoy seeing you succeed. 🙂 You are inspiring!

    • ginger says:

      It makes my day to hear that you’re paining your nails right along with me! You know I want to see pictures. 😉 I have never tried that lotion – but I’ll be tracking it down pronto! Thank you for the suggestion!

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  • Shana Norris says:

    I got a massage last week! It was my day-before-my-40th-birthday treat to myself. It was divine, too. I plan to participate in the link up next week. A couple questions about your photos: what kind of plant is that in the Starbucks cup picture? It’s gorgeous! And what kind of Kindle do you have? I’m ready to take the plunge (using birthday gift cards!) and trying to decide which one I should get.

    • ginger says:

      Yay! I’m so happy that you were able to get a massage – how relaxing!
      The plant in the photo is a purple orchid. 🙂 My Beloved gave it to me for Valentine’s Day, and I’ll have a better picture of it on the blog later this week 🙂
      I have a regular Kindle, but the one in the picture is the Kindle app on my iPad. I use it to read when it’s too dark to use my regular Kindle or when I want to highlight parts of books. So much easier on the iPad!

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  • Great storage solution!!!!

  • Rachel says:

    Thanks for linking up with #smallvictoriessunday linky. I was inspired reading about your goals and encouraged by your accomplishments. Now for bra shopping, you need to call a local an Essential Body wear rep. They’ll come to you, measure and get you a perfect fitting bra.

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