The one about someday



Someday I want to donate my hair.

Someday I will take up playing my old violin.

Someday I might learn sign language.

Someday I want to run a marathon.

Someday I might go back to school to study medicine.

Someday I will read War and Peace…in Russian.

Someday I want to visit New Zealand.

Someday I would love for us to add another child to our family.

Someday I will write a book…Someday I will write…Someday I will…Someday…

How many more dreams will I be content to tuck away in my hope chest? What life-long goals am I willing to discard out of fear? What talents am I ready to bury for the sake of my little comfort zone? Something clicked inside me recently. I don’t know whether it was through the kind comments after sharing my heart with you on this blog, the encouragement of my counselor who has been gently nudging me to find ways to take time for myself, reading books on the writing craft while recovering from surgery, or recently chatting with my boys about their hopes and dreams. Maybe it was a combination of everything. However it happened, one of my Somedays has taken hold of me, and it won’t let go. My hands are trembling as I am getting ready to let you in on my little secret.

I have begun writing a book.

Yikes. In all transparency, I have no lofty presumptions for this book. It could be moderately readable. It might be a disgrace to fine literature everywhere. It may never see the light of day, untouched by anyone other than myself. Maybe it will be an inspiration to our boys, that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams. Maybe it is only to prove the same to myself. Whatever the outcome, I am both excited and scared out of my mind to be putting in the hard work of moving this dream from my Someday list to my Yes list.

Taking my dream out of its little nest and sharing it with the world is scary, but I will no longer allow fear to dictate my dreams and God-given passions. I am finally ready to step into the unknown. To challenge myself and to grow through this experience will be more than enough reward.

Thinking about the dreams in my own life has me wondering about you, my friends. What is your something? I am willing to guess that at least one thing has come to mind. You were made for so much more than you can possibly imagine. Please don’t let your something ease into a lifetime of Someday. I would love it if you would come along beside me on this journey. I can’t think of anything more encouraging right now than knowing that I am not alone. What do you think? Maybe it’s time to gently take your dream off of the shelf – and turn your Someday into Yes.

So the saying goes“Write the book you want to read.” 

And so I shall.

To be continued…


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Written by ginger


  • Amy says:

    Ginger, I have thought the same thing — about writing a book. For now though, I don’t have the inspiration to move forward on that. Maybe in the future. 🙂 Hope it goes well, and I am sure it will be an enjoyable read!

    • ginger says:

      Thank you, Amy, for your encouragement! I wish you well with yours – when your inspiration comes! I know what you mean – and you have a full plate right now! 🙂 There will be time for books – but babies don’t keep. 🙂

  • Shauna says:

    Right now…my someday is that SOMEDAY I will finish painting the ceramic nativity set my I laws gave us a few years ago…only right now it’s more like “someday, I’ll actually get it out of the shed & into the house so I could begin to finish it”. Such a little thing- carry 2 boxes from the shed to the house. *sigh*
    If that see s like an insurmountable mountain, then what do you call the much bigger “somedays” of someday…I’ll pull out my watercolors & paint again, someday I’ll quit my job & be a full time mama & wife, someday I’ll actually have time to get my doll making business out of its infancy & into reality…someday we’ll backpack again, someday I’ll get to go back home to Russia, someday…….
    Thank you for the gentle nudge. Time passes so quickly. There is no someday when the dishes will be done & there will be a whole evening to play with the baby- someday soon she’ll be moving out on her own.
    Today is the day. Take it by storm, even if that just means you get two boxes from the shed to the corner of the living room…
    Today is, indeed, as much of someday as we’ll ever see.
    Thank you!

    • ginger says:

      Shauna, you are such an encouragement to me! Yes! Today is the day, as much of someday as we’ll ever need! Have you pulled your nativity set out of the shed yet? You know I’m going to check up on you, right? 🙂

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  • Ruth says:

    Oh my! I’m so excited for you! I will definitely read your book, if you’ll let us. You have been such a blessing to me with all these blog posts about your life. I especially loved your post about holiness. You know I can relate to your story (even if not exactly!), and so many other people that come from that ultra-conservative background will be ministered to by your story. THANK YOU, Ginger!

    • ginger says:

      Oh Ruth – thank you so much for your kind comments! What an encouragement! Writing the post about holiness felt very healing. Isn’t it something that so many of us with different stories, but similar backgrounds can relate to each other’s pain and growth since then? 🙂 Thank you again for saying HI! Hugs to you, friend!

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    The one about someday

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