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In Her Shoes ~ Living Luxe for Less

In Her Shoes is a series written by readers to give us a glimpse into their lives – what it is like to walk in their shoes. I am honored that today’s post is written by the two fabulous ladies behind one of my favorite new blogs – Trailer Trash Glam. These two busy working moms live on opposite sides of the country, are renovating trailers for their families, and living by their motto: Live Luxe for Less. I love reading their mommy-style tips, recipes, budget-friendly decor ideas, and seeing how their projects progress from week to week – and I know you will, too! Thank you so much, Laura and Rosanna, for giving us a peek into what it’s like to walk in your shoes! ~ Ginger


Laura ~

4:45 am: Alarm goes off. I hit snooze and roll over for nine more minutes of sleep.

4:54 am. Alarm goes off again. I wake up, pick up my phone, and blearily scroll through Facebook and Twitter as an attempt to wake up my brain.

5:00: I get out of bed, creep to the bathroom, and ready myself to face the day. (Basically all I do is pull up my hair and brush my teeth. I don’t even care about makeup.) I’ve laid out my work uniform the night before and stashed it in the bathroom so I don’t have to wake anyone up.

5:10: I leave for work. I actually enjoy the twenty-minute drive, and use the time to catch up on podcasts.  Favorites include Pop Culture Happy Hour and Filmspotting. I recently discovered the one from America’s Test Kitchen, though, and I love it.

5:30-2:00: Work at Starbucks. This is how my self-employed husband and I have health care: Starbucks provides it at 20 hours a week. So I put in my time there and enjoy the added benefits of all the caffeine I can drink. Through the course of the day I do a get a half-hour break for lunch, and that’s my reading time.

2:00-2:30: Hooray! Done! I grab a quad grande americano for the road and head home.

2:30-4:30: This is my “free time.” I don’t have to leave to get Fat Toddler from daycare until 4:30, so I cram all I can into my child-free time. Today that includes editing a family session, responding to client emails and calls that stacked up over the weekend, and throwing in a couple of loads of laundry. I also work on blog posts for later in the week, both for Trailer Trash Glam and my photography business. Why must all of the formatting take so long??? At some point I change out of my work uniform and into jeans and ballet flats.

4:30: I leave to pick up Fat Toddler from day care. More podcasts! It’s raining today, which makes for interesting driving. While I’m driving I try to figure out what I’ll make for dinner based on what’s in the fridge. It feels like a soup day, but I don’t have any broth in the pantry. I pull up a vegetable soup recipe from Mark Bittman’s “How to Cook Everything” app and decide that I can do that.

5:40: Home, and I start scrambling to throw together dinner. Before we moved we lived 10 minutes from daycare, so dinner at six was easy-peasy. This longer drive still throws me off, and FT is used to eating at six. While I’m working on soup and cornbread I give him some fruit to nibble on.

6:40: Everything is finally ready and we sit down together. Veggie soup and cornbread is actually delicious! The turnips I had in the fridge give the soup a kick.

7:00: Usually I would now start cleaning up the kitchen and winding down FT for bed, but it’s Monday, so it’s knitting night. This weekly night to meet and have girl talk is sorely needed this week, even though I’m already late. MacGuyver tells me to go, he’ll clean up the kitchen.

7:25: Back at Starbucks for knitting. No Americanos this time! Instead I have hot tea in a mug.

8:45: I can’t seem to keep my eyes open, so I head home. When I get there Fat Toddler is, of course, asleep, and MacGuyver is close to it.

9:15: I read for a  while (American Wife by Curtis Sittenfield) before I cave and head in to our room.

10:00: I pull out clothes for tomorrow morning, set my alarm, and try to figure out the next day’s schedule/goals/logistics. Since we’re currently living in one room while we work on the trailer, I CAN’T work on my computer (the light will quite probably wake Fat Toddler) or I would. Instead, I poke around on my smart phone for a while, making lists and setting goals. Eventually I just start reading articles online, since that will put me to sleep. I usually manage to fall asleep by about 10:30, which gives me a solid six and a half hours of sleep before I wake up and repeat the day.



Rosanna ~

First off, let me say that I’m not NEARLY as early a riser as Laura. Shew, girl… 4:45?

7:00- Wake up to the sound of J clanging around in the kitchen, looking for peanut butter. The BHE (Best Husband Ever) usually goes out and helps J get some PB and some more water, then climbs back in bed to read to me for a few minutes before we get up. After checking our phones for the latest news, of course.

7:45ish- The BHE gets the boys up and the coffee going while I shower & get ready for the day. It’s Monday, so that means I’m going to our real estate office and he’s having a “Daddy Day” with the boys. (And I get to wear cute shoes today!)

9:00- Breakfast as a family. Since both our work schedules have us getting home around the boys’ bedtime, we chose to make breakfast our “family meal”. Works for us!

9:45- Hug and kiss my boys, dash out the door to get to the office by 10. (What can I say? I come from a long line of night owls)

9:47- Come back in the house because I usually forget at least one thing

10:00- On Mondays, my dad gives a 30-minute inspirational message to all of us at the office. I make a mental note to record him on my iPhone  for our YouTube channel every week, but I forgot again. Perhaps a reminder on said iPhone would help?

11:00- Inspirational talk gives way to a pow-wow about the weekly projects, and then we all scatter for our tasks of the day. Today I’m updating all our ads, working on our website, creating and distributing flyers for each property, creating a bulk mailing, and responding to various email inquiries for the properties.

1:00- Grab my packed lunch to eat at my desk before my meeting with our SEO manager

2:30- Sit down with my brothers and hammer out wording for each page on our website. This is fun! I love our company, my role, and working with my inspirational and focused brothers. Next thing I know, we’re planning our world takeover… because that’s how we kids roll when we’re all together like this

5:45- Oops, getting late! I text the BHE and let him know that I have a few emails to catch up on and wrap up a few things before heading home… does he want me to grab anything? and how are the boys? They each have to hold the phone and tell me what they’re doing right then. I love that J is actually having a conversation with me on the phone now, and that M knows it’s me, even though all he says is “mama” and “uh huh!”

7:00- Leave the office and stop into Albertsons to grab a frozen lasagna and a bottle of wine, even though I have crock pot chicken soup in the fridge. The BHE mentioned Italian food and we just HAD to satisfy the craving

7:40- Get home, drop computer, groceries, and jacket on the table. Kiss each boy goodnight, and kiss the BHE for being so amazing… he threw a caesar salad together to go with our lasagna!

8:00- Catch the BHE up on my day, and listen to him talk about his while we eat the salad and drink the wine; we’re waiting for the lasagna to cook

8:45- Finally eat the dang lasagna. Next time I think we’ll stick to the meal plan I already figured out, cravings be darned. We catch up on our favorite guilty pleasure- “Awake” on Netflix

10:00- Wash up for bed, mentally prep for tomorrow, and catch up on Facebook, etc. for a few minutes

10:45-11:00ish- The BHE usually reads to me for a while, and if it doesn’t lead to a long, mentally stimulating conversation (which is often the case!), I drift off to sleep sometime around midnight.

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