The one where I take you to a museum…er, my dad’s house.

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Allllllll aboarrrrrrd! There is a very good reason that my dad has earned the name, “Choo-choo Grandpa,” from our boys. From the time that our oldest could talk, my dad was teaching him how to make sounds like a train.

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My grandfather and my uncles worked for the Missouri Pacific Railroad, and so that particular railroad line has an extra special place in my dad’s collecting heart. My Grandpa John gave my dad his very first lantern in 1965, and he told him about how they used lanterns while working on the railroad. Dad said, “After that, I was hooked.” My dad has been growing his collection through garage sale, estate sale, eBay, and flea market treasures over the years.

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Growing up in this house was a little bit like living in a museum –

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My dad has quite a collection of old lanterns used on farms, in the military, on ships, buggies, for ice skating, as toys, and even lanterns from the Civil War era.

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My parents said that they taught me from a very early age to look, but not to touch. I’m thinking that they were pretty lucky – I remember breaking only one thing when I was a little girl! Do you see that turquoise lantern in the front? I found that for him in Russia!

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Dad even turned my old playroom into another extension of his museum –

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My dad even expanded his collection with antique telephones –

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His latest pride and joy is the railroad drill that he was given by my uncle. What a wonderful working piece of history to own – and he sure enjoys showing his grandsons how the machine would drill holes into the track rails!

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My dad doesn’t browse eBay for lanterns as much as he used to, but he sure loves to come across a treasure for his collection! I enjoy seeing the pride that he has taken in repairing the broken or worn down antiques that he has found, and I love hearing about the history behind the different lanterns, phones, and maps. He has even let me “borrow” a few of his finds for our house – I can’t wait to show you what we’re doing with them! Thank you, Dad, for letting us take a peek into your house and collection!


*Photo credit – the top photo was taken by Joanne Funk

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