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The one with the “star treatment”

Star Treatment

I love browsing at Kirkland’s, and my Beloved likes those big metal stars that you see from time to time. Maybe it has something to do with being from the Lone Star State! A couple of months ago I spotted one of those giant RED *squeal* barn stars while I poked around our local Kirkland’s store. The problem was that I didn’t want to spend $50 for the star – but the great thing about Kirklands is that if you wait long enough, everything goes on sale! A few weeks later I went back to the store and found that only one big red star remained, and it was sporting a clearance tag! The only problem with it was that it had been scratched up quite a bit – the white spots were rather unseemly to look at – but as I was examining it, an employee breezed by me and said that she would take an additional 10% off for the damage. SOLD!

DSC_0674 (Small)

I tried filling in the white spots with a couple of red markers that I found at Hobby Lobby, but nothing quite matched. Even filling in the damaged spots with black wasn’t looking so hot, so what’s a girl to do when she needs to give something a quick presto-chango? Grab a can of Rust-Oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint!

My project only took a couple of coats, so after I slowly gave it a good base coat, I waited an hour and then I gave it a nice top coat. It sat in the garage to dry, and then it was ready to hang!

DSC_0673 (Small)

DSC_0680 (Small)

Main Squeeze and I had talked about the possibilities of where to hang the star – above the stairwell, front and center over the fireplace, or on the wall of the front patio area. We finally settled on putting it outside along the walkway to our front doors. It was a long, blank wall, and it just lacked that certain “something” that the star would bring to the entrance.

DSC_0681 (Small)

My Beloved and our youngest son hung it last weekend – and I couldn’t be happier! It adds a little taste of the Texas-feel that my hubby misses so much, and I love the character that it brings to the house!

DSC_0595 (2) (Small)


DSC_0594 (2) (Small)


Now I have something pretty to tickle my eyes as I lounge on my glider with a cup of tea and a good book ~

Breathe new life into your home

I have more Oil Rubbed Bronze plans up my sleeve. Ridiculously cheap clearance candlesticks, I’m looking at you! The options for ORB spray paint are endless! I have a sweet friend who has used it to makeover a banana tree, baskets, napkin holders, soap dispensers – so many things! What about you – have you ever tried ORB spray paint? If you haven’t, I beseech thee to get thyself to a home improvement store forthwith and getcha some! Find a piece to try out – I’m certain that you’ll love the results! Hmmm…what else around here can I give a fresh look? Stay tuned for all the bronzing updates!

I’m linking up with Mandy from House of Rose for her Inspire Me Please Weekend Blog Hop. Check out all of the fabulous ideas featured over there. I just grabbed a cup of tea, and I’m going to be inspired!

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