The one with the naked patio furniture

Do you know what happens when I find an über bargain? I bust out some truly heinous sweet dance moves!



I have wanted a nice patio set forever, so you can imagine me getting my groove on when I recently spotted this outdoor beauty on a local FB resale group! I believe some moonwalking may have occurred. Don’t judge me.

Once I confirmed that the drool-worthy set was still available, Joe agreed to go see it with me the next evening. It looked even better in person! It is sturdy, a must when coming to reside at a home with three rocket-fueled boys and two energetic Border Collies. I was drawn to its wonderfully chic and modern shape!

Blog patio furniture

The only drawback to this set is that it came without cushions – they blew away in a storm! Such is life in Kansas. Hubby and I were happy to purchase the body of the sectional and worry about the cushions later – especially since the patio set was such a bargain!

We browsed through Target, Walmart, and Academy looking for reasonably priced and aesthetically pleasing 26″x26″ cushions – but we struck out. The next night we moseyed our way to Hancock Fabrics to see what kinds of options we’d have in the off-chance the devil decided to strap on some ice skates – in other words, if we actually dared to make the cushions ourselves.

But what to our wondering eyes should appear – but a giant rectangle of foam that was marked 75% off! It had been stored in their back room for some time, and it was priced to move! A quick summary of the measurements showed us that it was the perfect size for our new bare bones patio furniture! We decided to browse the outdoor fabric, and we found the prettiest roll of red weatherproof goodness!

blog foam 3

A quick calculation showed that it would be cheaper to sew our own cushion covers than to buy the darn things! We later discovered that we were at the store on their military discount day (2nd Wednesday of the month), so with an additional 15% off, we stuffed the giant foam beast into the back of the mini van – and off we went!

The full realization of this undertaking punched me in the gut later. You don’t understand. I. hate. sewing. What have I done?! Am I actually going to sew these cushions – or will they end up being super-glued together? I wouldn’t put it past me. Stay tuned to the continuing saga of I’ll-do-anything-not-to-sew Girl and the GIANT foam rectangle taking up her living room…

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