There’s No Place Like Home ~ Chapter One

There’s No Place Like Home ~ Chapter One

You know that saying, “There’s no place like home”? Ol’ Mr. Webster defines home as:

1a: one’s place of residence

2: the social unit formed by a family living together

3a: a familiar or usual setting.


Here’s a little glimpse into my residence, my setting, my family…

Our Border Collies are sprawled out on the floor – finally tuckered out after a day of herding kids, chasing balls, and pestering each other.


Our oldest son, my dark-eyed mini me, is lounging on his tummy, chin in his hands, and feet slowly circling in the air – he is completely absorbed in the movie we’re watching tonight.

Copy of 22

 Our middle ninja-jedi boy and his favorite stuffed animals are curled up beside me and stealing my popcorn. His infectious laugh never fails to bring a smile to my face!

Copy of 63

 And then there’s our littlest munchkin. He fought valiantly, but sleep has finally won out over family movie night. Resting against my husband – his peaceful little face tells me that he is happily residing in dreamland.

Copy of 159

 I turn my gaze up to my Beloved, but I find that he is already smiling across the couch and over two kids at me. The one whom I love shoots me a wink and a look that gives me butterflies. My heart is nearly bursting with joy – there’s no other word for it!

Suddenly I sense it – a word bubbling up inside me. This encompasses everything that I have been feeling, yet hadn’t been able to put my finger on – until now. This is home.  HOME. My refuge. My sanctuary. My place to shower love on my people, and to be loved in return. THIS moment – right here and now – I can say with tears glistening in my eyes – there really is no place like home.

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 My Yellow Brick Road has led me through deep valleys of loneliness, betrayal, incredible heart ache, divorce, illness, and searching. I have also encountered the glorious paths of motherhood, friendship, rapture, butterflies – oh the butterflies, promise, hope, healing, new beginnings, and a love that I had never known possible. I would love to share with you how it came to exist in my very own not-so fairy tale, but to get there we need to start at the very beginning – I hear that it’s a very good place to start!


~ Our Story ~

There’s No Place Like Home ~ Chapter One

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(All photos, with the exception of the Instagram pic of our dogs, were taken by my fabulous friend Joanne Funk ~ NZ Portraits by Joanne)


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